15 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Festive feasting

By guest blogger TRACEY

Christmas spirit was definitely in the air at the last Approved Premises session on the Wednesday before as the guys delivered a festive feast worthy of any table. Free-range chicken thighs were steam-roasted under foil in place of the traditional turkey, while parsnips were cut into batons, roasted and treated to a drizzle of honey just before they were removed from the oven. A subtly nutmeg-flavoured celeriac potato mash was served alongside crispy roast potatoes as well as sprouts and carrots, cooked to perfection to accompany this delicious dinner. The guys mastered the art of creating a warm herby smooth gravy, using caramelised onions, cornflour and a bouquet of rosemary – it was agreed that a gravy can make or break a meal, but not surprisingly theirs completely complimented the meal!

Our chefs delighted themselves with their tasty sweetcorn and red pepper fritters along with some delicately spiced onion bhajis - our alternative starters for the seasonal spread. Cracking Cook Kim shared the beneifits of using gram flour; a favourite with celiacs due to its wheat-free nature, and of interest to our participants due to it being so versatile and cheap. 

But no Christmas meal is complete without a pudding, and we all enjoyed the delicious carrot and orange cake which was swiftly put together with ease - and just as quickly disappearedBoth Kim and I have really enjoyed working alongside the participants and were thrilled to hear them sum up the six-week course as ‘just superb’.

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