13 December 2013

GUEST BLOG: Mexican fave

By guest blogger TRACEY

We had another excellent session on Wednesday 11 December at the Approved Premises in Chorlton. The guys worked so well together, helping one another out, passing equipment, sharing the workload and, at one point, even wiping each others' brows! 

This cooperation always makes for a smooth-running and truly enjoyable session – which it was. Kim got them thinking at the very outset of this Mexican-inspired session by asking: “Where are the tortillas?” The group all stared down at the ingredients set out on the table and were flummoxed until one participant quizzically asked: “Are we making them?” Correct! Kim explained how simple they are to put togther, reminding the group how their dough-making skills have developed thus far through making naan breads, pastry and dumplings. 

Feeling confident, the group began peeling, chopping, slicing and grinding the ingredients for the guacamole, salsa and refried bean fillings, and shredding lettuce and grating cheese for the toppings. Kim shared tips on how to prevent avocados turning brown, how to swiftly remove the stone from the fruit and how to bulk out the guacamole with cucumber, which makes it cheaper. She also dispelled the misunderstanding of how the beans are not refried, it's just that the ‘re’ means heated up in Spanish. It was great to hear that the guys had been talking about the session among themselves prior to the session starting; they were intrigued to know what constituted Mexican food. Well, after the feast they delivered on Wednesday, it's no surprise that not only have they become acquainted with the cusine, they also loved it and will definitely be cooking it again: "It was just so good!"

Both Kim and I are really looking forward to next week’s session, when the guys have planned to banish us to the learning room while they get on with the baking! 

There are more step-by-step photos of how the Mexican feast came together on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page: click here.

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