6 December 2013

GUEST BLOG: Wild times

By guest blogger CLAIRE RICHARDSON

Cracking Good Food's resident wild food expert Jesper Launder kicked off the winter wild foraging session on a cold Saturday morning at Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury by explaining that, although you might think that winter would be the least fruitful time for foraging, there are still many edible plants and fungi to be found. Jesper then led the group round the park and into woodlands, passing on his expert knowledge, and inviting us into a bit of risk-taking when we came across the berries of a yew tree. The outer part of the berry is fleshy and edible, however the seed is poisonous, but some of the more braver members of the group followed Jesper's lead by trying the berry!

The group consisted of a wide range of people, from well-seasoned foragers to first timers, but all were able to learn from the session. A wide variety of edible mushrooms, leek-like plants and nettle leaves from our successful forage were all chopped up and pan fried at the end of the session, then eggs added to make a delicious frittata which was shared among the group. 

There are more amazing photos from this wild food foraging trip on our Facebook page - thanks to Nick Jordan for supplying them!

See the Cracking Good Food website for details of upcoming wild food forages in Chorlton, Didsbury and Hebden Bridge. Our next one is 12 January and would make a perfect present for a loved one this Christmas!

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