15 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Veggie might!

By guest blogger TRACEY

Cracking Good Food started the New Year off last Friday with a new course at an Approved Premises over in Oldham. Despite our new participants being reluctant to try some of the vegetables and the non-meat stir-fry; second portions were had by many and all of them said they would cook the dish again! They easily mastered chopping the vegetables correctly after Maz demonstrated knife skills and they enjoyed being able to personalise the taste of their dishes with all the new sauces they were introduced to. Maz complimented the session with information about the health benefits of some of the vegetables and the best ways of cooking the vegetables to get the most out of them.

We were delighted to record the group's reactions to the final dish during the end-of-session evaluation. They shared how the session had introduced them to new cooking techniques, new equipment such as the wok and, for some, new vegetables too. They were surprised that the meal cost just £1 per head, but especially surprised at themselves as, to quote “I didn’t notice the lack of meat” and “because you’re not looking for the meat, you’re experiencing the flavours!” A great all round experience – thanks, guys.

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