28 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Like peas in a pod

By guest blogger TRACEY

The guys at the Approved Premises in Oldham were on fire in our curry-making session on 23 January, and despite being 50% down on workforce, they gave 100% effort and contribution, making the lunch worthy of any Indian restaurant's lunchtime menu. Maz introduced many new spices and shared the great medicinal benefits of most. Cumin, asofetieda, garam masala and turmeric were added to the lentil tarka dhal, creating a warm and wholesome dish which when the tarka (made using coriander, tomatoes, garlic, onions and spices) was added, not only enhanced the flavour, but also gave it a great bite! Meanwhile the vegetable jalfrezi was receiving lots of attention by means of the vegetables being coated in tomato juice and sprinkled with spices. The guys each had a turn at rolling out the naan dough, although some opted to use the traditional method of using your palm and fingers to shape the dough. The naans were then fried in a pan, using a towel to ease out any air bubbles. Take a look at the pictures on Facebook to see what an amazing session and lunch we had...

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