17 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Nutty but nice

By guest blogger TRACEY

Rob and I were delighted to be back at the Approved Premises on Monday, cooking stir-fry with satay sauce and egg-fried rice. The group settled into the peeling, chopping and slicing production line, sharing their extensive cooking skills and knowledge previously gained. They were intrigued about the origin and uses of some of the vegetables, especially the celeriac and courgettes, while there were a few comments and frowns about the lack of meat!

Rob introduced them to a new style of cooking rice: dry frying it before adding water, which creates a nutty taste. Once the rice was boiled and left to cool before adding eggs, the vegetables were quickly fried and the peanut-flavoured sauce made, filling the room with some flavoursome aromas and hungry tummies! We all sat down to eat and evaluate the session, and although we didn’t win them over this time with the vegetarian option, all the guys agreed that they would make it again, with modifications! One participant said: “I’m living off stir-fry when I leave!” High praise.

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