29 January 2014

GUEST POST: Hot date

By guest blogger TRACEY

Monday's session at the Approved Premises in Stockport was obviously much anticipated as sandwich boxes were already out for any leftovers! Still, rightly so, as the lentil tarka dhal, chicken jalfrezi and fresh naan in a pan is always a winner. The guys were prepared to put in the work prepping the chillies, peppers, carrots, tomatoes and plenty of thinly sliced onions! Once the onions and garlic were sautéed, the remaining vegetables were added to the pan along with fresh tomatoes and all the spices, and finally the chicken pieces. 

The guys were becoming increasingly eager for the curries to cook as the aromas were whetting their appetites, but they had to remain focused to make sure the dhal didn’t stick, warmly spicing it with turmeric, garam masala, paprika and chillies. Then there were the naan breads, which, after encouraging the dough to rise in a warm oven, then had to be kneaded, rolled out and fried (see below). There was plenty of excitement about making their own garlic naan breads especially as they hadn’t realised it's so easy to do so – even without a tandoor! The final meal came together and everyone got stuck in, commenting on how delicious the dishes were and one person saying that the food made him question why he didn’t cook before - but will do now!

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