27 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Full of beans

By guest blogger CORIN BELL

What an energetic cooking session… what horrible weather! Nine wonderful participants braved what can only be described as apocalyptic weather to take part in our second Love Food Hate Waste session of 2014 on Thursday in Reddish. For this round of FREE (yes you heard me… free!) cooking classes, we’re knocking up a delicious vegetable and mixed bean chilli with rice while learning all about reducing waste (and money!) in the kitchen. 

If you’ve not heard about our Love Food Hate Waste sessions yet, I shall offer a little recap. Cracking Good Food have teamed up with Recycle for Greater Manchester to offer a range of free cooking sessions all geared around helping people to reduce food waste at home. Given that the average family wastes £50 worth of food every month (that’s £600 per year!), we should all be signing up. We had a particularly lively session today, and myself and Cooking Leader Kim both struggled to stop talking long enough to actually get some cooking done! Luckily Cracking Good Food sessions are never about sitting back and watching, so we had nine willing participants ready to learn some new chopping and food prepping skills. 

Once the chilli was bubbling away, the group took a bit of time to see if we could solve some of our food waste problems. Each of the Love Food Hate Waste sessions includes a group activity where we look at the foods and ingredients we waste most at home, and work out how we might be able to use them up in a cheap and tasty way. Top tips for today included making big pans of soup when you notice veg is going off and freeze it in portions, then you can defrost it as and when you need it and eat at your leisure. We also learned that you can make a very tasty soup out of leftover lettuce! I never cease to be amazed by the great tips and ideas that people come to the sessions with - I always come away having learnt something new. 

So, great food, really lively afternoon, and lots of great ideas that could save you money… what’s not to love? Join us on one of the upcoming sessions. Have a look on the website and book your free places now: click here

More photos from the Reddish session can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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