4 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: Frequent friers!

By guest blogger TRACEY

We had a great first session in our latest run at the Approved Premises in Salford last Friday, cooking a tasty and cheap stir-fry from scratch. The guys were really keen to hear Kim's advice about eating healthily; ensuring your diet includes a rainbow of foods and how shopping in season can have a positive impact on your budget. Kim also demonstrated how to use knives correctly and slicing styles, and the group's eagerness wasn't lost when it came to prepping the ingredients: courgettes, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger and peppers, plus spring cabbage for the cheat's seaweed. We discussed the different ways of cooking rice, as it varied widely between the different participants, and how noodles would equally compliment this healthy, nutritious tasty dish. A delicious sweet and sour sauce was put together by one of the guys, and the end result was eaten quickly and enjoyed by all!

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