10 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: Mexican street food

By guest blogger CHRIS YOUNG

On Saturday, Cracking Good Food held another free Love Food Hate Waste session in partnership with Recycling for Greater Manchester to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help the environment, this time in Salford at the wonderful Ordsall Community Café Project.

The session included talking about how to reduce food waste in our homes by storing food correctly, portion control, planning your meals, and thinking of ways to cook up the food in your cupboards and fridge before the due dates. Not only do these tips save our environment, they will also help you save money! After our Cracking Cook Maz (pictured above, standing) showed some tricks on how to safely chop vegetables, everyone got stuck in chopping the sweet potatoes, onions, peppers and garlic that were being used in the meal we were having at the end of the session: homemade Mexican-style quesadillas with re-fried beans and salsa.

While Maz was cooking the quesadillas, we had a group activity where everyone wrote down the food in their kitchens back home. The groups then swapped lists and were asked to create meal plans from the items given. There was a great discussion and we learned that with, just a little imagination, we can incorporate the food items instead of throwing them out when they expire: omelettes, pasta and stir-fry were some of the great suggestions - and not only can you use up any food you have, they're also easy to make. Several people thanked us for offering this informative and interesting session, and they were eager to make some simple changes in their life to help save the environment – and save some money!

See the CGF Facebook page for more photographs from this session here and book places on future FREE Love Food Hate Waste sessions around Greater Manchester here - we'll be in Whitefield next then Moston and Chadderton.

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