8 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: International bright young things

By guest blogger HELEN ROADHOUSE

We were cooking a tasty vegetable chilli in Sale on Thursday as part of an event to celebrate International Women's Day, welcoming a group of ladies and demonstrating how to cook a tasty and cheap healthy meal. We asked if anyone wanted to help us chop up some of the vegetables and an enthusiastic helper called Jackie took care of dicing all our lovely orange peppers for us. All our veggies came from Fareshare and ample portions of peppers, potatoes, aubergine, green beans and some gorgeous butternut squash were destined to go into our pot. Soon the onions were frying and once golden we added the chopped veg and left it all cooking down in the pan while we discussed cooking and eating habits. Some of the group admitted they didn't cook much at home and Jackie said she really wasn't keen on peppers and hadn't even tried butternut squash - couldn't we make fish and chips instead... 

The ladies watched a short film about empowering women before we all got to eat together. We served the chilli up with rice and some tortilla chips. Our cooking leader Miranda (above) and myself were wondering if our ladies would be hungry enough to eat it all especially as there were lots of tempting cakes and treats laid out. Would we be having to take home our lovely chilli? Well, everyone got stuck into the chilli and some even asked for second helpings. Jackie soon forgot about fish and chips after her second plate of chilli, and exclaimed how lovely the butternut squash was!

This was a really relaxed session with some really great ladies and all the food was eaten, which can only be considered a resounding success.

See our Facebook page for more photos.

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