12 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: Stew-pendous

By guest blogger TRACEY

Despite it being a lovely warm and sunny day last Friday, the guys at the Approved Premises in Salford were still keen to get cooking then sit and eat the hearty beef and seasonal veg stew with dumplings plus a spicy beef and vegetable pie, with broccoli on the side. 

First came the preparation of the vegetables - lots of peeling, slicing and chopping - while the guys listened to Kim give information about them, some of which were new to some participants. The lean beef was diced and coated in lightly seasoned flour then fried in a pan. Once the meat had browned, the vegetables were added and the mixture was halved, since one lot needed to be spiced up with chilli flakes to go into the pie and the other had a bouquet garni (above) thrown in for flavouring. While the two pots simmered, the dumplings and pastry for the pie top were made, giving the guys opportunity to guesstimate the measurements as the scales had broken! They did an excellent job, because the dumplings were light and fluffy and the pastry top was evenly moist. A great session with delicious food - thanks, guys!

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