28 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: Flipping great

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

Yesterday, the team arrived nice and early at Prestwich Arts College in North Manchester to cook savoury pancakes with two groups of year 9's. We divided each group of 14 pupils into three teams and between them they prepped sweet potatoes, red onions, leeks, mushrooms, garlic and fresh coriander. 

The pancake mixture was then made up in minutes by the keen cooks, and all the pupils in both groups got to fry their own pancake, some even successfully flipping theirs over in the air! The smell of garlic and aromatic spices was soon getting everyone intrigued as to what the finished product would taste like and, though some were still skeptical, everyone at least had a go at tasting the different fillings. Cracking kids make cracking cooks!

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