28 March 2014

GUEST BLOG: List opportunity

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

Last Saturday, the CGF team delivered a Love Food Hate Waste session, in partnership with Recycle for Greater Manchester, at the Miners Community Centre in Moston. We had a small but lively bunch join us for the afternoon and they were all excited at the prospect of the Mexican-inspired quesadillas, as no one had ever tried them before, so new experiences all round! Cooking leader Maz demonstrated safe knife skills and a discussion ensued on the benefits of not peeling certain vegetables and thus reducing raw waste. Sweet potatoes were put on to boil and the participants made short work of prepping the peppers, onions and garlic to make the refried beans, salsa and quesadilla filling. When everything was bubbling away, we moved on to the store cupboard activity we always include in these sessions, and the two teams came up with a huge amount of suggestions for store cupboard items and then some interesting menu ideas from the two lists. 

Everyone agreed that shopping when hungry is not the best idea as you can make unnecessary purchases and that menu planning and list making are great ways to stick to your budget and buy just what you need. Maz then showed the group how to mash the sweet potatoes and combine with the peppers to make a wonderful filling sandwiched between two tortilla wraps and gently panfried on each side. This was served with a side of refried beans and a serving of salsa. It was lip-smackingly good and the group began exchanging ideas for alternative fillings. Inspired and with full bellys, the group pitched in and helped us clear up, and that was the end of another 'cracking' session. 

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