2 April 2014

GUEST BLOG: Saving time

By guest blogger CORIN BELL

I can’t believe it was the grand finale of our Love Food Hate Waste sessions last Tuesday - what an adventure it’s been! We spent the afternoon with some lovely folk in St Herbert’s Parish Centre in Chadderton showing how to make Mexican quesadillas with refried beans and spicy salsa… yum! Cracking Good Food sessions are never a spectator sport, so after a quick intro from our cooking leader Maz, the group was straight on to learning safe chopping skills. Rule number one if you want to keep all your fingers is to chop awkward shaped veg in half and lay them on their flat surface - that way they don’t roll around and you don’t slip with the knife - thanks, Maz!

Next Maz taught us about the spices and herbs used in Mexican cooking, and how you can make traditionally spicy meals super tasty without blowing your head off with heat. While Maz cooked up the beans and salsa, our participants got involved in our favourite food waste fix-it game… sharing which foods tend to go to waste in their fridges and cupboards, and getting tips on how to use them up rather than let them go off. My favourite tip of the day: have you ever bought any of those “super grains”, cooked one recipe with them, then left them in the back of the cupboard? Well, one of our lovely Chadderton locals had, then discovered that you can make porridge out of quinoa, millet, wheat flakes, all sorts! Some just need a little more sweetness, which means you can also use up honey, golden syrup, or even jam. A great tip for using up grains once faddy diet season is over! 

So that’s it for this round of Love Food Hate Waste sessions in partnership with Recycle for Greater Manchester; here’s hoping we’re back soon with lots more free sessions and tips! 

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