9 April 2014

GUEST BLOG: Inside out

By guest blogger CLIO SCUTT

The weather almost managed to hold out for us on the Early Spring Wild Food Foray in Fletcher Moss Park last Sunday! We spent the day foraging for edible plants and fungi - learning about their properties, learning how to recognise them and distinguish them from their deadly lookalikes, and most importantly learning how to eat them! It turns out sticky weed, Japanese knotweed and the nutrient powerhouse nettle are not so bad after all, which we all warmly agreed over Jesper's lovely homemade nettle soup, and slightly questionable walnut wine at the end of the session! 

The mushroom-hunting was probably the most fun, as everyone split off through the woodland trying to find rings of mushrooms that nobody - human or creature - had foraged before us. We found plenty of Saint George's and the mysteriously named Fried Chicken varieties, along with one very out-of-season Blewit! They all cooked up deliciously in the great outdoors at the end of the session (along with a good dollop of butter; see above) to end a wonderfully informative day!

Visit our Facebook page for more images from the forage and see our website for details of upcoming wild food foraging trips - the next is 23 April and places are still available.

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