7 April 2014

GUEST BLOG: Rainbow warriors

By guest blogger TRACEY

The guys at the Approved Premises in Salford chose a great menu with which to finish off their six-week cooking course last Friday. A tasty tuna pasta bake was served with cheesy garlic bread (see picture below), and there was a rhubarb and apple crumble for afters.

The dishes were carefully chosen by the participants because they wanted to demonstate the skills they had learnt over the six-week period, and the cheesy garlic bread was a great variation on the breads they'd previously made, showing how versatile flour, water and yeast can be. 

Fish was a favourite with the group, so the choice of tuna pasta bake came as no surprise. The speed with which the roux for the cheese sauce was made was really good progress, especially given that many of the guys had never heard the term before they started the course. Kim suggested that they add spinach to the mixture for some nutritional iron and also to add some colour - from the start, she's been encouraging the guys to 'eat a rainbow'. Despite a little initial reluctance, they agreed that the spinach did add a subtle depth to the flavour of the final dish.

The choice of pudding took great deliberation, but the crumble won the vote. Nutmeg was sprinkled on the lightly boiled apples and rhubarb, and oats were mixed into the basic crumble topping - both additions went down really well and we all enjoyed a delicious feast.

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