21 February 2014

GUEST BLOG: Rice n easy

By guest blogger TRACEY

Kim had a captivated audience in Saturday’s session on Japanese cuisine. The group members were keen to observe Kim's demonstration using the rolling mats and practise their newly found sushi-making skills, and enjoyed smelling all the liquids and sauces used to flavour their rice. While some found the initial rolling of the seaweed sheets fiddly, they concentrated hard to perfect their second attempt and the flavoured rice and finely chopped vegetables remained neatly in the seaweed. 

The participants were also treated to miso soup, using soaked kelp knots to create the stock, while a selection of green pepper, fennel, carrot, spring onion and mushrooms was gently fried along with ginger, garlic and chilli to give the soup some kick! Objective achieved because the soup was poured over a bowl of sweet potato and buckwheat noodles and topped with some crispy bean sprouts, resulting in a bowl of delicious goodness, as illustrated below (more pictures from this session can be seen on the CGF Facebook page)!

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