19 February 2014

GUEST BLOG: Get zest, go!

By guest blogger HELEN ROADHOUSE

Last Thursday, we were in Cheetham Hill leading a cookery demonstration and discussion about diet and health as part of Zest Health Week, run by Manchester City Council. There was lots of cooking going on and plenty of visitors with full plates going from stall to stall - quite a few people had already eaten at the other stalls but were tempted once they could smell our yummy stuffed pancakes and we had quite an audience, intrigued as to how our pancakes would turn out. 

Cracking Cook Kim (pictured above) fried up some tomatoes and peppers that we'd sourced from Fareshare, an organisation that stops food being wasted. Kim also added some tasty spices to the pancakes for extra flavour including chilli, cumin and, when suggested, some garam masala. We packed the pancakes with the pepper and tomato mix and some cream cheese, and we couldn't cook them quick enough! One lady told us that she never makes anything that takes ages as she's so slow but she thought these pancakes would be perfect for her as they're so quick and easy to prepare. We chatted about how easy it is to vary the pancake fillings, including sweet fillings such as banana and yoghurt, and how healthy, cheap and simple it is to prepare. Another lady commented on the gram flour used for the pancakes as she was thrilled to be able to eat them as she has a gluten intolerance - perfect! 

Meanwhile, I made up the goody bags for taking home later - they all went but then they were absolutely bursting with good stuff like tomatoes, peppers, bananas, yoghurt and cream cheese, not forgetting the all important recipe sheet for pancakes along with some very useful and informative leaflets on healthy eating. Another successful cooking demo with yet another tasty, healthy and appealing recipe.

There are more photographs from this event on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page.

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