20 February 2014

GUEST POST: Beans means savings

By guest blogger CORIN BELL

We had an amazing and lively bunch yesterday at our free Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) cooking session in Bury. We’re doing a number of these sessions around Greater Manchester, and it’s great to see how different mixes of people make for a completely different session. This week we had a wonderful cultural mix and a range of ages that spiced things up - apt for the chilli we were making! 

Kim led the group in learning some chopping skills and talking about the recipe for our wonderful one pot, leftover-using veg and bean chilli with rice. Once we’d got our food bubbling away, it was on to our storecupboard activity. As part of the LFHW sessions, we encourage the group to think of ways to reduce food waste by sharing tips on how to use up the things that tend to get wasted in your home. We all have our own bad habits (yep, even the good folks at CGF towers), but a problem shared in these sessions is sometimes a problem solved!

Some amazing tips came out of today’s session, and really showed the range of knowledge and skills we had in one room… I learned that a great way to use up older flour, oil and spices is to make flat breads, which literally take minutes! Other tips included chopping veg up into very small pieces then once it’s been bubbling away in a dish like a curry, even if the kids don’t like that particular veg, they need never know they’ve just eaten it… I love a bit of sneaky parenting!

Our lovely dish fed over 30 people, with everyone gathering round for the meal, while our cook Kim swapped some ideas with the community centre's cook… all round, a pretty cracking day. 

See the CGF website for details on upcoming FREE sessions. The next is Saturday 1 March in Rochdale. Click here for more.

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