4 February 2014

GUEST BLOG: On standby

We've been back at the Approved Premises in Oldham and Stockport this week, perfecting pasta sauces for two quick and easy standby meals. Tracey tells us more...

Oldham, 31 January

The group was introduced to some new flavours with the olives, capers and anchovies in the subtly spicy puttanesca sauce, and learnt the benefits and new taste and texture of wholewheat pasta. They were surprised by how ‘deliciously sweet and gritty’ it was, especially compared to the 'smooth' macaroni with cheese, mushroom and bacon sauce, and the wholewheat pasta was deemed the tastiest! None of the processes fazed the guys, they jointly created a smooth sauce using the roux method and loved learning how to crisp up the bacon and achieve al dente pasta. Maz ran through the different types and colours of pasta available and not only are they keen to cook the dishes again, they are also eager to try the different flavours. A perfect result!

Stockport, 3 February

This session went pretty swiftly as the guys worked through the food preparation so quickly. Baby tomatoes and olives were halved, parsley leaves finely chopped, anchovies sliced and chillies de-seeded and diced. The puttanesca ingredients were combined with tinned chopped tomatoes and left to bubble and develop over a low heat. Meanwhile, roasting the bacon and sauteeing the mushrooms for the carbonara got everyone in the mood for a feast as the smells were so enticing. One participant took charge of creating the roux and the result was an evenly textured, smooth, creamy cheese sauce which everyone loved and many second portions were had!

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