26 May 2012

GUEST BLOG: Nature's way

By guest blogger ANGELA CONNELLY

Spring has well and truly sprung for an enjoyable forage around Fletcher Moss Park with Jesper Launder. Who can resist the lure of free food? Particularly when found in abundance in the local park. I’ve been on some of Jesper’s forages earlier this year. What’s been really enlightening is seeing the changing seasons and learning how to use every aspect of one plant. Back in April, we were treated to the heady aroma and taste of young wild garlic leaves. This time round, the same plant was awash with beautiful flowers which make an equally good addition to the salad bowl along with the small punchy, green seeds. I was forced to reconsider my previous position on commonly held ‘weeds’, such as dandelion and ground elder. To top it all off we had baskets full of mushrooms, mint and other delights. Back at the range, our tipple of choice was dandelion wine and some rather scrumptious wild garlic flowers and hogweed fritters along with Jesper’s now famous garlic wild mushrooms. Three forages in and I’m beginning to sense some confidence at recognising and harvesting plants. And, alongside the cooking skills, I have learned much, much more about what is good for my health the natural (and free!) way…

You can find out more about Jesper on his website here.

There are lots more of Angela's great photos from the forage on our Facebook page here.

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