31 May 2012

GUEST BLOG: Flowered up

By guest blogger ANGELA CONNELLY

What a day to go hunting for elderflower! It's the end of May and Manchester is baking hot - what better way to spend a few hours than walking around Chorlton Water Park. Thank goodness the weather was fine since we had some people come all the way from sunny Bristol to learn about elderflower and all the beautiful things to do with it. Unfortunately, a temperamental spring has delayed the growing season somewhat so not all of the flowers had yet arrived. Jesper supplemented the elderflower talk with some insights into what else grows down the Mersey banks as we ambled around.

Having worked up something of a sweat, the picnic blankets came out, along with a selection of tipples. Wine made from oak leaf or Himalayan blossom? I didn't believe it either, but both went down very well, as did some of last year's elderflower cordial. To top it all off, Jesper brought some prepared elderflower champagne mix, explained how to make it and then siphoned a bit off for people to take home. After everyone had gone, I slowly inched back towards Chorlton, stopping en route to pick a few more flowerheads for home. This drew quite a few glances, comments and requests for my future elderflower vintage wine. Ahem... !

There are more of Angela's photos on our Facebook page.

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