31 May 2012

GUEST BLOG: Fab fast food

By guest bloggger TRACEY

Time fries when you’re having fun, and there was lots of fun and food to be had at the last session at the Approved Premises on Wednesday 23 May. The group finished on a high, leaving with a fill of homemade beefburgers, Spanish tortilla, smoky sweet potato wedges and a simple green leaf salad. They all seemed keen to reflect over the dishes cooked over the six-week programme and were overwhelmed when they took stock of the amount of information learnt, experiences gained and the growth in confidence they’d got over the course period. Not only did we massage their mental culinary skills, but Cracking Good Food also equipped them physically… a set of cooking utensils and saucepans were given to each participant to assist them in their lives going forward so they can go on to recreate some of the amazing dishes.

So, it was all hands to the pump, with chopping, grating, slicing and mixing of ingredients. The aroma of the onion and potatoes frying for the tortilla got the tastebuds going and, once the remaining ingredients of egg, garlic and parsley were added and the tortilla started to set, the distinct sound of tummy rumblings was heard (or was that just mine?). The group formed the beef into personalised and memorable shapes for the burgers, choosing whether to use the plain mix or the one with the added onion. The sweet potato wedges looked and tasted amazing as they were sprinkled with paprika before baking. Then the plates were finished off with salad and a lovely mix of the traditional burger relishes. A great end to a great course. Thanks guys!

You can see more photos from this session on our Facebook page.

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