18 May 2012

GUEST BLOG: Mexican wave

By guest blogger TRACEY

It was sombrero time at Approved Premises on Wednesday 16 May as the group came together to create a feast of traditional spicy and cool Mexican food: fajitas, guacamole, salsa, salad, tortilla and re-fried beans.

Instead of the commonly used chicken in the fajitas, Alison showed us how moist and tender turkey can be: by cutting it into strips, the taste is then enhanced by marinating the goujons in lime juice and cumin, then quickly stir-frying them. Most participants came to terms with the unattractive appearance of the re-fried beans, when they tasted how flavoursome the dish was after adding red onions, garlic, cumin and the lovely smoky scent of chipotle chilli to the mix. One participant even suggested shaping the mix into patties and coating them in fine breadcrumbs and then frying…great idea for a cheap and easy veggie burger! The guacamole provided another hurdle as many didn’t like the texture of the avocado, but most sampled it and said they may try it again, adapting the ingredients to their personal taste. The salsa proved a hit with everyone, and provided a lovely aroma to chop, peel, deseed and grate to! A first for everyone was making fresh tortillas. It's such a great basic recipe: just mix flour, warm water, butter, baking powder and salt, separate into small dough balls, then roll them into a flat sideplate-sized circle. Some irregular shapes formed but only the regular sounds of enjoyment were heard when the different dishes were wrapped up inside… gracias, un plato delicioso, Alison!

More images from this session can be viewed on  the Cracking Good Food Facebook page.

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