25 March 2013

GUEST BLOG: Top this

By guest blogger EMMA SMAIL

The final session of the successful ‘What do you want to cook?’ programme at Benchill Primary School took place on Thursday (21 March) and brought together participants from both of the two rounds of sessions, who came accompanied by friends and family keen to share in their cooking. Pictures were displayed of previous sessions so we could all look back at what we had learnt and produced. It was a busy and exciting afternoon.

Pizza was on the menu so the first task was to make the dough. The large group was divided into six smaller teams, each preparing one dough to share. Yeast, salt and water was added to flour and mixed well then left to rise under a warm damp cloth. Normally the dough would be left for a few hours but as time was limited half an hour with an extra teaspoon of yeast had to do. While that was put to one side, the tomato sauce went on the hob. With just passata, olive oil, a bit of water and some herbs, it's as simple to make as the dough! Next, a rainbow of different veggies were prepared and cheese was grated.

Once the dough was ready, it was time for the fun bit: kneading the dough. Lots of our young chefs really enjoyed this bit and got stuck in to giving their dough a beating. The dough was then divided up and rolled into pizza bases of many different sizes and shapes and building the pizzas was done as a production line, one table at a time. First a good dollop of sauce was poured on and spread around, then cheese was added and finally the veg of each person's choice was sprinkled on top so almost everyone ended up with a different and unique pizza, all very colourful. As the last group was putting their pizzas in the oven, the first groups were gorging themselves on theirs. 

The smells were incredible and the taste even better. I think this was the first session in which we had no leftovers for people to take home - it was too good not to eat it all up at once! This was a great way to end this successful programme of sessions. Over the weeks everyone got the opportunity to cook something they really wanted to learn and the children loved getting involved in the cooking - it was a real family affair! This last session really was a celebration, and the addition of friends and family members to the table was a great opportunity to share and show off new skills. I hope the participants of the Benchill Primary School sessions have enjoyed them as much as Cracking Good Food have. Well done, and thanks everyone for all your hard work.

There are more photographs from this session on our Facebook page. Click here to check them out!

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