25 March 2013

GUEST BLOG: Flat pack

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

Once again early Friday morning Rob and I set up for another breadmaking session at the DEP in Chorlton. Running the same workshop as the week before but with our second group of bakers, we soon warmed up the room and welcomed the cooks with steaming cups of tea as the first day of spring felt a wee bit wintery!

The now experienced bakers set to work immediately, making two batches of dough in each small group they were divided into for their focaccia and pizza session. Once the dough was rising, the pizza base (made from tinned tomatoes, onion and herbs) began bubbling away, reducing and intensifying its flavour. The toppings of anchovies, mushrooms and peppers were thinly sliced with the cooks showing off their knife skills on our newly sharpened knives. Having doubled in size, the pizza dough was rolled out then smeared all over with the thick and delicious sauce. Toppings were added and then the baking began before adding the cheese a little later - Rob advised that overcooked cheese is indigestible so it's best to add near the end and just let it melt over the top. Great tip! When they came out of the oven, it didn't take long for everyone to devour the heavenly slices and we all agreed that the anchovies, with their strong flavour, worked well on a pizza.

Next we prepared the focaccia dough, rolling it out and stuffing it with sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, olives and rosemary. It looked like a fluffy pillow and was soon glimmering with olive oil and sea salt crystals. This was going to be good! We cleared up as we waited for the focaccia to bake, and it was soon ready and didn't disappoint. It looked incredible but as everyone was stuffed with pizza the bread was divided up and packaged up to be taken home for sharing with loved ones. Another great session was had by all. Until next time!

More photos from this session can be viewed on the CGF Facebook page.

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