5 March 2013

GUEST BLOG: Baking hot

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

The first day of March saw the team in St Margaret's in Chorlton working with the DEP (Development Education Project) to deliver the first in a series of five breadmaking workshops for local people. In our first session, our resident breadmaking expert Rob instructed the class on the art of baking a basic loaf, using a variety of yeasts and flours.  

Dough was soon mixed and kneaded then left under a tea towel to double in size while we retired to the classroom to find out some more about bread. A lively discussion ensued and we pondered the history of bread, grain and gluten, its impact on health, modern and artisan baking techniques, cost and milling processes, and so much more.  

One of the participants had brought along her own home-baked Turkish buns made with cheese and parsley, which were absolutely delightful and a welcome treat in our tea break! Once we'd polished these off, the dough had risen and we swiftly placed our bread tins in the ovens for baking. Not long after, perfect loaves were removed and everyone in the class had a freshly baked warm loaf to carry home with them. It was a great start to our five-week course and we're really looking forward to Rob sharing his secrets of perfect pizza bases, foccacia, naan bread, tea cakes and more. 

See more photos from this community session on the CGF Facebook page: click here.

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