19 March 2012

GUEST BLOG: Veggie delight

By guest blogger TRACEY

Cracking Cook Jackie Kearney never fails to deliver a session full of intrigue and delicious food, and last Tusday (13 March) we were treated to a cup of freshly brewed chai, which was warmly welcomed. Participants at this Vegetarian Asian Cuisine class, held in Chorlton High, made a yellow butter dhal, brinjal bhajee (aubergine curry) and seasonal stuffed parathas.

Three types of lentils were used to make the dhal, then spices, garlic and chillies were added to give a smooth, evenly balanced taste and texture. It was so filling but unbelievably cheap: just a couple of quid fed 16 people! The brinjal bhajee is a personal favourite as it’s so simple to make. OK, you do use an usually large amount of oil because aubergines are a meaty veg and need the oil to tenderise, but this is simply drained off when serving so you are left with a truly delicious, aromatic beauty of a dish. Finally the parathas were stuffed with grated cauliflower, chillies and spices. They looked so artistic using Jackie’s ‘camera shutter’ design (see our Facebook page for photographic evidence of this!) and tasted amazing.

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