16 March 2012

GUEST BLOG: Curry up

By guest blogger SIOBHAN KELLY

On Saturday 10 March, Harjinder took the first in a new run of sessions for the general public: Desi Punjabi Khanna. On the menu was chicken and lemon pickle curry, white mooli raita, lamb kebabs, tandoori fish and atta dough for making chapattis and rotis.

Harjinder started the session, which took place in the well-equipped domestic science rooms at Chorlton High School, with an interesting talk about spices – these were handed round and viewed, smelt and discussed. Then the cooks divided into three groups and got stuck into cutting and slicing the fresh herbs and vegetables. I was excited to be introduced to a new vegetable - mooli – one to look out for when I’m next out shopping, now I have a recipe for it. An array of smells started to fill the room and the busy sound of chopping filled the air.

Harjinder’s stories of food preparation within her family history made the chapatti-making come alive – it added a real and personal touch. It was a delight to watch the flattened dough cook on the Tava, puffing up like a balloon as it cooks from the inside, before it's finished off on an open flame to char, patted down flat and glazed with butter ready for serving - delicious.

The dishes came together with perfect timing, and a beautiful mix of colours, flavours, spices and textures adorned each plate. The table was set, and there was time to relax, chat and enjoy the food, before washing up and clearing away. What a sociable, relaxed and alternative way to spend a late Saturday morning.

More photos from this session can be viewed on our Facebook page: click here.

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