27 March 2012

GUEST BLOG: Looking for a raise

By guest blogger SIOBHAN KELLY

Last Tuesday evening brought together 11 people at Chorlton High School for a bread-making session run by Rob.

The group had the choice of three different types of yeast which all react differently in the initial stages - have a guess which one was the most exciting to watch? Fun was had kneading the dough, a calm or energetic process, depending on the approach. While the bread dough was left to rise, preparation of the naan began. A simple garlic paste was also made - how many cloves used depended on taste. No such thing as too much garlic in my eyes and a beautiful aroma soon filled the air.

As the loaves and rolls cooked in the oven, there was time to sit back around the table, rest for a while and listen to some interesting facts about grain, flour and bread-making from Rob, then it was time to fry the naan breads. A fine display of loaves, rolls and naans were shared and tasted at the end of the session, with a healthy dollop of red pepper hummous to add to the flavour experience.

There are more photos from this session on our Facebook page. Click here.

Rob will be running a bread special on 28 April - visit the main Cracking Good Food website for all the details and how to book.

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