20 November 2013

GUEST BLOG: Shopping and chopping

By guest blogger MAZ. Photos by MATTHEW SHANLEY

It was a crisp Saturday morning as I arrived at the Unit 16 empty shop run by Buddleia. This is a temporary space for all the community to use for new business ideas or host meetings or events, and it's a great location for workshops and training. Cracking Good Food was there to ‘reclaim the high street’ and show the participants of the free event, how easy and cheap - not to mention healthy - it is to cook from scratch using fresh, seasonal produce from local greengrocers, which we are lucky enough to have in abundance in Manchester

With our participants made up of families from the community, we were ready to reclaim. As we walked down the hill to the Manchester Superstore grocers, we discussed what we might find in season in early November - parsnips have arrived and beetroot is still strong. There was a great array of fruit and vegetables, which gave us the chance to add some diversity to our menu. While picking out what we wanted, a couple if items had us confused, but, once we'd asked, we were enlightened.

Back at the Unit we finalised the menu and began the prep. We decided to make saag aloo, with some parsnips to make it a little sweeter, and a beetroot raita as some people had never used beetroot before, and these would be served stuffed in gram flour pancakes - delicious! Everyone got completely involved in chopping, cooking, eating and also clearing up, as is the Cracking Good Food way. Everyone was very happy to find some seasonal well-priced ingredients on their high street to make some staple classics more creative and tasty.

There are lots more photos from this event on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page.

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