13 November 2013

GUEST BLOG: Healthy pulse

By guest blogger HELEN ROADHOUSE

Yesterday, we were at Salford University, cooking dhal today at the Healthy Eating Expo. We had four sessions lined up throughout the day so students could come along and get involved chopping veg and asking questions. They certainly did! Each demo was well attended and once hands were cleaned and aprons adorned there was enthusiastic interaction every time - it was great to see so many young people keen to find out ideas on how to eat cheaply and nutritiously. As lentils are incredibly cheap and store easily, this is a perfect store cupboard recipe, plus it's quick and easy. The lucky students also got to take away goody bags brimming with lovely veggies and lentils and, of course, our recipe so they could make it at home later.

We discussed buying spices and sharing them out with friends as the quantities are always large and won't be used quickly. We explained that spices are a cheap and tasty way to change or add flavour to even the simplest of ingredients, and that dhal is a great recipe for using up those veggies nearly ready to compost so it saves money as well as food waste. Our corner was certainly the most popular once Kim had a pot of dhal ready to dish out! Curiosity over the goody bags and their ingredients was great too and they all flew out to the willing cooks. I suspect there will be the smell of curry across campus over the coming days going off how much people enjoyed the dhal!

See the Cracking Good Food Facebook page for more photos from the Healthy Eating Expo.

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