1 November 2013

GUEST BLOG: Cool for school

By guest blogger MAZ

We were looking forward to cooking at Abbey Hey Primary School on the last day before they broke up for half term and as all the children started to appear with happy faces in their best ready for the school photos, we knew we would all have a great day! The teachers were really pleased to see our extra gifts of apples and pears for all. These were to eat after the pancakes stuffed with broccoli and mushrooms, helping contribute to achieving that important five-a-day.

At 9.15am, the first group of 15 children came in with enthusiasm and questions. We safely chopped our vegetables together and after cooking the broccoli, one boy said he could now tell his dad that he didn't cook it properly and he could show him how to do it so it would taste as good as ours! We completed four sessions with the groups, and the knowledge and participation was exceptional - the  kids clearly have great teachers with support at home. 

Lunch time arrived and after the pancakes were all eaten, we had some great comments from the children such as 'these are tasty and I don't usually like mushrooms' and 'can I have another as they are really good'. It was then time for us to go and as we left, I gave them a big wave and as 100 children waved back to us, our day here was complete.

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