3 July 2013

GUEST BLOG: Our daily bread

By guest blogger EMMA SMAIL

A brilliant group of budding bakers basked in Rob’s bread knowledge on Saturday for the second of our new all-day Our Daily Bread sessions. A basic bread dough started things off to introduce the core breadmaking skills and a selection of flours was available for the cooks to create a ‘cocktail’ from strong white, wholemeal, spelt, miller's magic and bio-organic bread flours so everyone could put their own personal preference onto their loaf.

Sour dough and rye bread loaves were also made by everyone and the group was split into two to make either bagels or focaccia depending on their preference. Sundried tomatoes and olives were chopped up to mix into the focaccia dough with chopped red onion sprinkled on top while the bagel group were surprised to see how much their dough swelled up when placed in boiling water for just 20 seconds before being baked in the oven. By the end of the session the room was filled with the sweet smell of so many bread varieties that, despite having enjoyed a lunch of some beautiful pizza and salad prepared by the cracking good volunteers, everyone’s mouths were watering and the cooks were keen to get stuck into their fresh loaves.

Rob had bought with him a sourdough starter that was shared out among the group, so when that is ready in a few days' time the cooks can try yet another bread variety. And hopefully, after perfecting these baking skills, the cooks can be inspired by Rob’s passion for bread to try more and more.

Another great day at Chorlton High. Thanks to all the cooks for their hard work and enthusiasm.

There are more photographs from this session on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page - click here to be redirected and be sure to like some!

We're back with bread in the autumn - 21 September, 19 October and 23 November. Check out our website for full details and how to book.

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