27 June 2013

GUEST BLOG: Woks going on

By guest blogger CHRIS YOUNG

Cracking Good Food is lucky to have a new guest chef, Judy Wong, who has been cooking Chinese food for many years. Many people assume Chinese food is difficult to make or that it is unhealthy; however, on Tuesday evening Judy showed us otherwise in the professional kitchen at Chorlton High School. The great group of participants learned to cook egg-fried rice, chilli beef, and pan-fried fish fillet with vegetables and a soy sauce.

Judy started by going through the ingredients and said it is worth going to a Chinese shop to purchase them as the taste is different to supermarket merchandise. Having a sharp knife is also very important as you are slicing and dicing different meat, fish and vegetables. Also, take the time to chop the vegetables in different ways – it will give the food different textures as well as give your dish that little bit ‘extra’ as it will also look nicer.
In this class, everything was cooked in a wok. And as most people usually use a frying pan, it was very interesting to see how food can be cooked so differently by just using another tool and by using different techniques. The food was fresh and absolutely delicious! I’m a big fan of Chinese takeaway but no more! From now on I will make my own Chinese food and save both money and calories - thank you to Judy, the participants and the volunteers for a great cooking evening!

There are more photos from this session on our Facebook page. Did you miss the cooking class? CGF will be holding another Chinese session at Chorlton High School on 28 September - click here for full details and online booking.

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