8 June 2013


By guest blogger TRACEY

We delivered a two-hour session to a team of Mosaic Workers on Thursday 23 May at the Chelwood Baptist Church in Adswood, Stockport. A healthy stir-fry with a Malaysian Laksa sauce was on the menu, and as many vegetables as possible were being used to create this dish, so the group set to prepping the carrots, courgettes, cabbage, onions, garlic, chillies and peppers. Kim highlighted the benefits of including a variety of colour in your food choices, because this helps to provide a good mix of antioxidants in your diet. The process of prepping was calm and relaxed which highlighted how good cooking can be for you, especially as the group were easily able to share their current cooking practices and what it is they have tried and tested in the past.

Kim quickly realised that this group had a good deal of experience under their belts, so furnished them with lots of facts and tips to strengthen their knowledge. She also shared advanced knife skills by showing them how to create decorative floral patterns with carrots – which was great. Kim encouraged them to have a go at growing beansprouts at home using mung beans, and explained the benefits of not washing your wok and whether or not to use olive oil when stir-frying.

Once all the vegetables were prepped, it was time to start sautéing them. The participants began by lightly frying the chilli and ginger to season both the oil and the wok. The hard vegetables (carrots and peppers) were added next, then the beautiful array of other vegetables followed. Coconut milk was poured in along with lime juice for taste and fragrance, then the turmeric was sprinkled in for both taste and colour. Meanwhile the noodles were simmering away and, once cooked, and drained, they were mixed into the vegetables and milk.

Our cooking leader Kim delivered an informative hands-on session in a lovely informal setting, enabling each participant the chance to contribute and share their own experiences. I think each person left having gained a new skill or a great tit-bit of knowledge – thanks, Kim! 

More photos from this session can be viewed on the CGF Facebook page.

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