25 July 2013

GUEST BLOG: Flipping great!

By guest blogger TRACEY

Due to the blazing heat last Wednesday, we ran a ‘relaxed’ demo for residents of Contour Homes, who were attending a drop-in session at the Naz Community Centre, Salford, to gain information about benefit changes. There was a leisurely flow of people eager to try - and try out how to make! - our delicious healthy and cost-effective gram flour savoury pancakes. Everyone was amazed at how simple the batter was to make (just add water!), although Cracking Cook Rob (pictured left in the bottom photo) wanted to tickle their taste buds further by adding a fresh garlic paste to it. Once fried and tossed, the pancakes then blanketed the fresh vegetables Rob and I had collected from Fareshare over at Smithfield Market earlier in the day. We'd picked up cauliflower, cabbage, mushrooms and carrots for the savoury pancake filling and accompanying slaw, along with melons and grapes for afters - all of which had been discarded by supermarket sorters and deemed unsuitable for sale due to the irregular shape, size or colour. Our ‘diners’ were amazed at what was being thrown away and incredibly grateful that we had sourced the food so they could enjoy these wonderful pancakes followed by a fresh fruit salad with a lovely dollop of fresh yoghurt to cool us all down!

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