25 February 2013

GUEST BLOG: Spice magic

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

Cracking Good Food recently teamed up with Network Express International training providers to deliver a bespoke cookery course, both practical and theoretical, designed for three delegates who provide the meals on an oil rig in the Libyan desert. This was going to be a challenging session as the three oversee safe food production for over 500 hungry rig workers, three times a day, so we had a lot to live up to!

We began by exchanging personal experiences of day-to-day living in our respective countries, and we talked about foods we liked and didn't like, national dishes, herbs and spices. It really is true; food is a great way to find common ground between people - we all need to eat, don't we?

We set to work making lunch: Punjabi dhal followed by stuffed parathas (Cracking Cook Harjinder’s recipes were used), and everyone agreed that it was a fine meal - healthy and packed with flavour. During the afternoon, we ran a theory session based on health and safety and good governance while prepping food on a commercial scale, then finished off with a set of exercises 'What would you do if…'. It was a challenging experience which stretched the CGF team, but we hope the delegates took some of the Cracking Good Food ethos back to Libya with them.

There are more photographs from this bespoke session on our Facebook page.

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