19 February 2013

GUEST BLOG: Curry on cooking

By guest blogger KIM 

last Wed 13th, at the Approved Premises.

It was a cold spring morning when Alison turned up at the Approved Premises last Wednesday, carrying a bag full of fresh ingredients ready for another morning session with the clients. Once our room was set up, the day's ambitions set out and a timeline roughly plotted, we were ready to start.

Chicken jalfrezi, Mumbai lentils and naan in a pan were all on the menu so we had a fair bit to get through.  The group soon got stuck into veg prep, chicken thighs entered the oven for a roasting and flour was weighed out to make the bread dough. All the guys were enthusiastic and as banter bandied about, the aroma of spice filled the room and before long it was time for a break - the morning had flown by. As the curry sauce reduced down, lentils with tamarind bubbled away on the next hob, it was set to be a fine feast. The guys rolled out their own naan breads with a garlic paste added earlier in the process and decided to add chopped coriander at the end, then everyone enjoyed frying their bread. Wow, best naan bread… ever! The chicken was shredded off the bone and Alison shared how this cheaper cut of meat is very economical and contains more flavour…great tips.

The table was soon loaded with what looked better than any takeaway extravaganza I have ever seen. And it all tasted amazing. With punchy flavours and full of vitality, the food got the thumbs-up all round.

You can see more photographs from this session on our Facebook page.

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