12 February 2013

GUEST BLOG: Gone fishing

By guest blogger CHRIS YOUNG

There was a great buzz at Cracking Good Food’s first session, Discovering Fish, at Altrincham Grammar School For Boys yesterday. 

Rob Tomlison, the chef, showed everyone how to fillet a plaice and gut a mackerel, and, for most participants, this was their first time doing so! There were a lot of laughs, questions and pride in their accomplishments, and their handiwork was then neatly placed in a baking tray to be cooked for everyone to share at the end of the session.

Rob explained the differences in fish and cooking methods, and involved everyone in the steps in cooking Plaice Veronique and Mackerel with Szechuan sauce. Rob also showed how to make a tasty fish stock (which was used as a base for the Veronique sauce) - what a great way to make the most of the fish scrapings and vegetables!    

 Some of the feedback was: 
"It was great to learn how to fillet fish and how to make fish stock”
“I have never filleted fish and didn’t know how to make sauces before this class”
“I really enjoyed the experience and hope to put what I have learnt to good use”

There was great team work among the participants and, at the end of the cooking session, we all sat down to enjoy the food everyone contributed to so well! Thank you to AGSB for letting us utilise their new, high-tech kitchen and for their partnership with CGF. We look forward continuing having our cooking classes there this spring:  
  • Venison (25/2)
  • Vegetarian Punjabi (11/3)
  • Mezze (18/3)
  • Risotto (15/4) 
There is a selection of photographs from this session on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page. Click here to be redirected - and please remember to like!

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