24 April 2012

GUEST BLOG: Woks going on

By guest blogger TRACEY 

We couldn’t have expected more on Wednesday 18 April at the first of six sessions at a Manchester Approved Premises for ex-offenders run by the Probation Service (a 12-month project that’s been funded by the Home Office). There was a wonderful sense of team work and camaraderie as individuals continually offered help to others. There was a good selection of seasonal vegetables going into the stir-fry - mangetout, carrots, onions, pak choi, peppers, garlic and mushrooms - and some were unfamiliar. Some members of the group were keen to share their experiences of having tried them previously and Alison was on hand to explain not only the health benefits but also seasonal availability and alternative options should the individual choose not to include them. The verbal feedback was excellent: “was so much more than I expected” “I’ve learnt some new skills”, and so many of the participants said how much they enjoyed it. Stir-fry was such a good choice as a couple had never had it before, and they all went away with one or more new skills and knowledge under their belt!

The six-week programme will be run four times over the year. For further details, please contact: Sean.Hunt@manchester.probation.gsi.gov.uk.

See our Facebook page for more photos from the session.

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