26 April 2012

GUEST BLOG: Who ate all the pies?

By guest blogger TRACEY

I think we all enjoyed the stews and pies session at Approved Premises on Wednesday 25 April, especially the guys as the recipes included meat! All were eager to get chopping the lovely mix of vegetables, beetroot, parsnip, red onion, butternut squash, leeks, tomatoes and garlic, while one person put slits in a hot chilli pepper. A bay leaf and some thyme were added to the simmering pot of veg, while the chicken thighs were chopped and then added to the pan too. The ingredients were split into two saucepans: a full chilli was added to one; the ‘slitted’ chilli to the other. The suet pastry was made for the dumplings which were enhanced by the addition of a few sprigs of rosemary, and the guys seemed particularly enthralled when personalising their pie lids! The results were amazingly tasty and filling, with everyone appreciating the blend of flavours and how wonderfully pleasing to the eye their efforts were. Many felt they would make these dishes again, personalising them to their own taste, but nonetheless using beetroot as previously they would not have considered doing so.

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