14 November 2011

From feast to yeast

By guest blogger TRACEY

I think we all enjoyed an enlightening time with Harjinder Kaur last week. On the menu was saag panner curry, puri, lentil tarka dhal and aubergine parkorah (see previous blog post for more). Never did I think I would be witness to watching one of the finest Punjabi cooks create such visually enticing and ‘oh my goodness’ such delicious dishes. I was both impressed and inspired to make all these dishes at home, because all you need are the spices and the know-how… I’ve got the knowledge, so I’m off to the shops!

Rob had a captivated audience on Saturday when baking bara brith festive bread, his now infamous ‘nan-in-the-pan’ and some lovely crusty-top loaves. Participants were pleased to learn about the science of bread with regard to kneading and how the yeast reacts to ingredients such as alcohol, sugar and air. Fortunately, we had some well-behaved yeast, which resulted in a blooming marvellous batch of deliciously fruity bara brith, tasty bread and some garlic nans which would make Dracula think twice!

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