24 May 2011

On air for a second time

Today we were back at the Precinct, cooking outside the Chorlton FM radio station, and it felt like home! Rob started off in the studio interviewing Lorenzo from Unicorn (see below) while we listened outside, keeping the sounds of our pots and pans as quiet as possible.

Last week it was fishcakes; this week, Rob cooked sweet'n'sour lentils (it was the tamarind that brought all that flavour to your mouth!), Bengali mushrooms with chickpeas, and not forgetting homemade naan bread, made lovingly with yoghurt rather than water. And all of this was cooked while Rob talked through the process live on air. And we thought only women were multi-taskers!

It was windy! The flames kept blowing out, but we persevered and managed to feed more than 30 passers-by, all of whom were suitably impressed! Rob even dished out a sample of all the food to those being interviewed inside the radio studio, so a live tasting was experienced by all.

Rob’s back cooking the same again with Tracey and Nicola at Whalley Range Celebrate Community Festival 2011 on Saturday 11 June at Manley Park Primary School – look forward to seeing you there!

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