12 March 2010

Cracking Cooks training session, Friday 12 March

There’s nothing quite like getting a group of foodies together to cook up a meal, although our recent event was something of a dinner party with a difference! To be a Cracking Good Food Cooking Leader, our team of Cracking Cooks have to undergo training in everything from food hygiene to health and safety, and this was their second session, held in the Youth Centre at St Clement's Church in Chorlton.

This time, we (the coordinators) wanted the Cracking Cooks to get into practice for leading their upcoming workshops by prepping, cooking and talking us through everything: where the ingredients were grown, how to chop veg safely, which flavours compliment each other... Well, I learned loads! I’d never have thought to add lemon juice to a grated celeriac salad to keep it white, or known to keep the onion roots intact when chopping to make it easier. And I didn’t know that vegetable stock was just a vegetable concentrate either. Wonderful! I just hope I’ll manage to get to all the future cooking sessions, because I’m cracking loads right now. And it can only get better!

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