8 May 2014

GUEST BLOG: Wild times

By guest blogger SHARON ROBINSON

It is amazing how much tasty food there is free on your doorstep. Jesper, a cross between Brian Cox and James Martin, shared his amazing scientific knowledge and love of cooking with butter in Fletcher Moss Park and the surrounding green belt. This started right at the entrance to the park with Jesper pointing out the young leaves on the lime trees. 

Moving through the Alpine Gardens, we learned about the rejuvenating properties of pine pollen and tried the tasty three-cornered leek, considered to be an invasive pest. Out in Millgate Fields, we foraged for mushrooms and found Oyster, St George’s, Fried Chicken and Stinky Ink Cap varieties. We gathered wild garlic, ground elder, water mint and horseradish among many other things and at times it felt like we were trampling over someone’s dinner as we moved round the fields. The evening ended with a cook-up of some of our bounty washed down with a splash of dandelion wine. Delicious!

There are more photos from this wild food foraging trip on the CGF Facebook page. Click here.

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