16 May 2014

GUEST BLOG: Spring into action

At the ‘Well Seasoned’ session last Saturday Jules Bagnoli shared her incredible knowledge of how to use food and flavours to their absolute maximum and avoid waste. Renowned low-carbon chef and slow food exponent Jules, who has run two celebrated Michelin-listed restaurants, led one of the free cook and dine sessions Cracking Good Food organised last year at The Biospheric Foundation during Manchester International Festival, and is an expert on cooking sustainably and getting the best out of British ingredients.

On the mouth-watering menu on Saturday was sumac-spiced spring lamb and roast garlic on a homemade oatcake served with spring leaves and fresh, local asparagus, plus a dollop of red onion jam and dill yoghurt (pictured above), plus a delicious vegetarian option of pan-fried samphire and chickpea fritters.

Participants first got the lamb in the oven, after giving it a good rub with herbs and spices, then started making the onion jam, which was left to cook down for the full duration of the session (pictured above) and only tended to by a glug of wine every so often. The kitchen then turned into a hive of activity, with oatcakes, fritters and a delicious dill yoghurt being prepared. At least one of the batches of the samphire and chickpea fritters worked (we won’t mention the other!).

Jules showed everyone how to plate up like a professional (pictured above), which we all replicated - to a certain extent! Eating the food is always the best bit, and this session didn’t disappoint as all the flavours balanced out wonderfully!  

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