23 October 2013

GUEST BLOG: To pie for

By guest blogger HELEN ROADHOUSE

The Ginger Kid, aka Kevin White, was back in Chorlton to show us how to make delicious pies. I co-ordinated the last pie session and have rabbited on to all who would listen about how yummy they were. I've even bumped into one of the participants, Janet, at a few other sessions and each time we've both said, 'Oh, those pies!' My mouth waters just at the thought!

We started by making a roux with butter and flour to add to the fillings: one was going to be garlic mushroom; the other chicken and tarragon. Next, the mushrooms were fried with garlic (fab cooking aroma alert!) and then dried off on some kitchen towel and the spinach was blanched and drained and dried too. This was all mixed with the roux and some creamy, flavoursome Gorgonzola was added. For the second filling, the meat from two ready-cooked chickens was flaked into some more roux, along with some tarragon, which goes beautifully with chicken - not too much, though, as tarragon is a powerful flavour. We had all made our pastry earlier and it was left resting in the fridge while we made the fillings. Time to get it out for the fun bit: rolling out the pastry for the tins! All the tins were lined and filled (not overfilled; we don't want leakage!) and the edges egg washed and topped with a pastry lid. Most of the pies were edged very prettily although one or two needed Kevin's expert touch! Once the lids were all egg washed, the pies went in the ovens while we tidied up and asked Kevin about his pie-making.

The resulting pies were all stunning - everyone's came out golden and crispy, and there wasn't a soggy bottom in sight! Everyone ate one at the table together but had another to take home to show off to friends and family and enjoy later. So which filling was the favourite? Well, I loved the mushroom, but I think it was an even split. Everyone said they couldn't wait to make them again at home - and you know what, I bet they do too!

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If you'd like to join Kevin "The Ginger Kid" White, he is running a class creating pasta from scratch on 19 November at Altrincham Grammar School For Boys. Click here for details and how to book.

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