23 October 2013

GUEST BLOG: Not wasting time

By guest blogger HELEN ROADHOUSE

What a fantastic turnout at the Chesham Community Centre in Bury for our free cooking session in conjunction with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign making tagine and mash. We soon had everyone chopping veggies - a few tears were had over the onions but we still got all the spuds, carrots, parsnips and peppers diced for Gideon's pot.

We had loads of questions about recycling the peelings, and Gideon discussed how easy it is to use them for stock, especially if boiled up with some chicken bones. There were questions about how much it all cost... very little. Gideon also revealed that pretty much any veg could go into this dish, and ones getting a bit past their best were perfect!

Spices were passed round to sniff, and we explained how you can make a meal more appealing simply and cheaply with a bit of paprika, chilli or cumin and how cheap spices are to obtain in large quantities which you can share out with friends and family or keep for ages if you know how to store them properly. What was great about this session was how engaged and interested everyone was. Everyone was keen to ask questions - and, of course, to taste the finished tagine, which was yummy and spicy!

We had no waste tonight and, after second helpings, no extra for people to take home. The general consensus was that everyone felt confident enough to make the dish at home, and everyone left more knowledgeable about food waste and how to avoid it - a successful evening!

For more FREE COOKING SESSIONS with Love Food Hate Waste and Recycle For Greater Manchester, visit our website where there is a list of dates and locations around Greater Manchester.

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